This picture is a modern day photograph of men in Egypt working by carrying supplies and being on camels. It shows what the men of the Nile River Civilization would be generally doing back thousands of years ago, which is hard work to grow food and harvest food, and also travel to get supplies needed for both. This picture shows how the men would manage the camels and travel to other civilizations to trade their supplies for others, most likely supplies that they grew themselves. It does not show the woman doing any hard labor because they would gather fruits and make tools and such to help the men do their work out on a farm or even for hunting. As showed in the below picture the woman are holding pottery and other crafts, which shows that they were the ones to create useful objects to help out with working. Women, if royalty, had the same status as men, they were considered an equal companion. Egyptian woman generally had the same legal and economic rights as the men.