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In this photo it shows a woman from the Indus Valley holding on to her husband. In the Indus Valley there is a clear division in the roles between the men and the women. The woman in this picture is holding on to her husband because she needs him because he is the "bread-winner" and has total control of his family. In the Indus Valley the men worked in their social class for their entire life. This means if they were a king they would rule until they died, or if they were a farmer they would plant or harvest until the died. When the male children reached a certain age they would help their father in their ocupation until they also died. There was barely any change in social class in the Indus Valley so once you were born into a certain class you stayed there forever. In the Indus Valley women were highly valued and liked because of there abilty to produce offspring. The women of the Indus valley didn't go to work but instead stayed home and nursed their children until they were old enough to work. The reason why i chose this picture was because it shows that the men and women had to work together to keep their society together. They were both needed equally.